OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Assart’ represents a body of work inspired by the politics and actions of a particular government-employed-animal-entity. These works utilize public performance, video, the multiple, and an interactive relationship to ‘the public’ (or the viewer). I reframe familiar scenarios by using hand-made objects as stand-ins for items of mass consumption and my own character, Hokey Bear, as a reinterpretation of the famous Smokey. Although I’ve created many differences between these characters, the main variance is that Hokey slowly comes to recognize his own incongruity and bemourns his incapability as an ambassador between a political structure and a wild system. ‘Assart’ — which is defined as the conversion of forest land to land for agricultural production — investigates the public actions, perils and crises of Hokey Bear.


Lunch Break, 2013   –   Exhibited in various forms in group shows in the US and in Canada.

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Feather Log, 2014   –   Exhibited with ELandF Projects, Corvallis, Oregon

Pallette/Pallet, 2014   –   Exhibited at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Eugene, Oregon.

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Hokey Bear PSA, 2013   –   Exhibited in a juried group show, LVK Gallery, Eugene, Oregon.

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