Bed flyer JPEG‘Bed’ is a hybrid narrative of the fabled Hokey Bear. Utilizing drawing, play-form text, sculpture, installation, sound, and live performances as a 6′ tall bipedal bear, I invite the viewer into a manifold experience of fiction. Conceptually rooted in live theater, Bed was constructed as a stage wherein the viewer ‘performed’ the tale as they bring together the work’s disparate elements. With the lights kept low, flashlights were required to self-navigate the eery, tragic, and at times comedic story. The story begins as Hokey Bear awakes from a poorly timed (and possibly trauma-induced) hibernation. He stumbles from his camper-trailer-cage into a moon-like landscape of flattened forest. Then, in the dark, the ghosts come. Thanks to the generous support of friends and strangers, this body of work will be collected in book form — due early 2015.


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Act III of the ‘Bed’ performance trio.

Read Act I of ‘Bed’ before it is published in the book!