I thought this short excerpt from my MFA thesis paired well with the images of a recent drawing. Getting closer to being finished with that beast…

“I have come to view the concept of wilderness expansively. While there is a longstanding and very interesting conversation in academia about what factors should characterize, and have characterized, our concept of wilderness, I must admit that I do not base my own use of the term within this discourse.[i] This is not to say that I am not influenced and invigorated by wilderness theory. I absolutely am. But being that my interest in wilderness is based primarily in my own lived experience – which is at once visual, mental, primal, and symbolic – my understanding of ‘wilderness,’ spatially and terminologically, includes but also extends the latter discipline’s parameters to encompass phenomenological, that is, mental and spiritual, traits. The heart of my interest in wilderness lies in a desire to better understand the nature of human experience within spaces we characterize as wild. My interest is holistically driven, fueling artistic and academic labors by the restless sense of curiosity and wonder I derive from these.”


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