Hello Friends,
This is out of the ordinary scope of what I usually share here or use this blog for but I feel that it is necessary to do so at the present time. Two of my best friends just found out some tragic news regarding their 8-month old son. Much is still unknown in terms of his prognosis, but he looks to have a long road ahead in recovering from an aggressive tumor that was removed from his brain just yesterday. I visited him, and his mom and dad, last night and got to see him after the surgery. He is as beautiful a kid as ever and we are all holding on to hope that the tough little guy beats this. That said, I’m offering an edition of a recent etching, Sedimental, to help offset the costs associated with travel, medical, etc, for this lovely family. I will update with detailed information and photos of the print this evening BUT as of now the print can be purchased safely with a credit/debit through my etsy page or by contacting me directly. If you are interested but have further questions please email me, bryanp @

Sedimental, 2013-14, is a hand-printed etching in an edition of 10. It is printed in smoky black on a cream colored cotton paper, fully archival. Each print will be signed and editioned on the back and shipped with a record of sale. The print measures 17″x21″.

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