As The Axe Fell (complete!)

As The Axe Fell, 2014, 102″x78″

“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” 

– E.L. Doctorow

Last week I finished my drawing (painting?) As The Axe Fell. This frenzied, kinetic composition epitomizes how I engage with and experience drawing. Last week I had a friend in the studio and we were talking about my current series of work and the whole trajectory of this folk-myth I’m producing. She asked if I had an end in mind, for the story as a whole or the series. I told her that I don’t – that I’ve abstained from working that way because the experience is altogether different and, in a some way, feels less adventurous. I read a beautiful quote about writing a few months back, which I quoted above, that I identify with as a maker and storyteller. I don’t know where I’m headed. But I trust the vehicle I’ve clambered into and know it will take me somewhere. As headlights fall across moving pavement, motion, movement through time and place, become paramount and the idea of there even being a “somewhere” becomes unimportant. When I get to that point in the studio is when I am really tapping into something. When I drive, as when I work in the studio, I am content when I’m not worried about reaching an end point. Just lost down some road. My body and my thoughts are synced with everything around, in front of, and inside at the present moment: the trees on either side, the snow dancing over the windshield, the darkness just beyond.

As The Axe Fell (detail), 2014

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