This piece, Slide-scape (as I’m calling it for now), is the culmination of a few months of steady labor: measuring 5’x5′ and finished on both sides. The piece is drawn using sumi ink, whiskey and charcoal powder, thread, wax, watercolor, some screen printing and white ink. All along I’ve intended that this piece have a mate (or mates), so I will be starting a second and likely a third piece soon – one of Spirit Lake and possibly another of the plume/sky.

Slidescape (R); 2012; Sumi ink, charcoal powder, whiskey, thread, wax, serigraphy, watercolor, white ink

As the legend goes, Saul was born from the fire and ash of Mount St. Helens. He was pulled from the ash by the indispensable Hokey Bear, who then cared for and raised the child until Saul rejected him. Even at a young age, Saul found discrepancies in the veracity of this caring Bear. So Hokey brought Saul back to the place of his birth, back to that devastated hillside, and set him up in a makeshift, camper-shelter. Hokey tended to Saul, as he did the soil about this camper, leaving the child boxes of apples and other necessities. But it was not long before Saul taught himself to hunt.

I will post some detail shots soon(ish)! Thanks for stopping by ya’ll.

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